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Flash Drive Data Recovery: Tears of Joy After Recovering Eight Years of Data

One of our clients received a USB drive at a trade show eight years ago and had been using it to store all her personal documents ever since. In her words, “My life is on there.” Suddenly, when she plugged the flash drive into her computer, the device started getting hot. A burning smell filled… Continue Reading →

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Data Recovery: 100% of Important Text Messages and Contacts Restored from Liquid-Damaged Phone

We recently handled a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 data recovery case in which the phone had suffered severe liquid damage. The contractor who brought it to us needed the text messages stored on it not for sentimental reasons, but to prove that a client had agreed to pay him for services provided. This was an… Continue Reading →

A Hopeless MacBook Data Recovery Case? Not at resquoo. We saved 100% of the Data!

Another seemingly hopeless case recently came to us: a poor little rose gold 12” 2016 MacBook, in 20 pieces, with liquid damage. Its cables and connectors were ripped, and its port was broken. With no removable storage, there was no obvious way to save the data trapped inside. Worse yet, its owner had already sent… Continue Reading →

Introducing the new and improved resquoo.me!

For the past two years, our company website (resquoo.me) has remained the same as the day it was first launched, while our company and services continued to grow and expand. In order to better present to our customers what we do at resquoo, we decided to completely revamp and redesign our existing website to provide… Continue Reading →

Life as it happens…

While vacationing in Vermont this client placed his phone on the roof of his car while securing his kids in the backseat. They started driving and later realized they lost the phone. It was found in the center of town, in the meantime run over by a number of cars. Luckily this client knew about… Continue Reading →

How To Properly Lay An Old Device To Rest

There comes a point in every gadget’s life where it’s time to move on to the better, shinier and faster product. If the older device is broken, there’s always the opportunity to bring it in for one of our various data recovery services, regardless of if it’s a laptop, mobile device, or other device that… Continue Reading →

Transferring Data From An Old Device

Everyone has had a computer break, or decided to upgrade when the old one starts showing signs of its age. Let’s face it, when it comes time to transition to a new computer, transferring data from one computer to another can be a real hassle, especially when the older machine is no longer working correctly…. Continue Reading →