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While vacationing in Vermont this client placed his phone on the roof of his car while securing his kids in the backseat. They started driving and later realized they lost the phone. It was found in the center of town, in the meantime run over by a number of cars.

Luckily this client knew about resquoo and brought us the phone with great hopes on Sunday morning. When we received it, the phone was held together just by tape and the screen protector. Our client is a business consultant. He was looking to recover more than 750 future calendar events for meetings with his customers, over 500 contacts and of course the vacation pictures from Vermont. Without a backup, this phone was the only device that had this data – the impact on his business would have been disastrous.

resquoo fully recovered the phone in our lab using our Galaxy S5 recovery fixture after repairing several squashed connectors on the logic board. Our client had all data and pictures restored to his replacement phone next day by noon and did not miss a single appointment. Data recovery sometimes means long nights, but it’s always worth it to see our clients happy!

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