Restore and Protect Data

Data Recovery
When we recover data, we aim to bring your files back to their original state whenever possible. Instead of just handing you back a hard drive with your data on it, we make sure that you can make sense of and use your recovered information. This will save you time and effort, as your files will be set up just as they were before—or better—leaving you with no need to troubleshoot or copy your data over to a new device. We have helped many individuals and businesses regain their Outlook, Apple Mail, QuickBooks, and photo, video, and music databases, including Lightroom and iPhoto (Apple Photos Library) files.

Data Protection
Whether you have a Apple Mac or Windows PC, we can help set up and explain backup solutions to protect your data. From backing up your data with an external hard drive to using cloud backups or NAS systems, we make the process of protecting your data simple. If you have not yet suffered data loss, or if you have just had your data restored, now is the time to learn how to back it up to make sure it stays safe in the future.

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