Data Recovery FAQs

The operating system was re-installed on my computer. Can you still recover my data?

If the operating system was re-installed without securely wiping the hard drive, we may still be able to recover your files. Come in for a free consultation and we’ll assess your situation. 

Do you delete my files after you recover them?

After a data recovery service was successfully completed, we securely delete your data from your old device. We keep our own copy of your data for two weeks just in case you run into any trouble, then securely delete it. 

I need a new hard drive. Are solid-state drives (SSDs) better than conventional hard drives?

Yes and no. Both solid-state drives and conventional hard drives have advantages and disadvantages. SSDs are faster and less likely to fail from shock than conventional hard drives. However, SSDs have a limited number of data writes. After that, they are considered end-of-life and fail without warning in most cases. Traditional hard drives, on the other hand, slow down or experience read/write issues first, giving you an opportunity to take action before your data is lost. This is part of the reason that significantly more of the conventional hard drives that we see are recoverable than the SSDs. So, what’s our advice? If you want to use an SSD, back up your data using a conventional external hard drive.

My computer is acting strangely. Can you help?

Yes, we perform tune-ups on Apple Macs and Windows PCs that can often resolve unusual behavior, such as slowness. Please contact us with the details of your issue for a free quote. 

Can you consolidate files from multiple devices into my iCloud account?

Yes, we can handle this for you. We have the tools to merge photos into one library while eliminating duplicates. 

Do you work with Apple Macs and Windows PCs?

Yes, we work with both.

Do you offer hard drive replacement services?

For Apple Macs, yes. However, due to the large variety in Windows PC hard drives, we don’t offer hard drive replacement services for Windows PCs.

Can you fix my device?

No, we don’t repair devices. We specialize in retrieving data from devices, such as contacts and photos from a mobile phone or files from a computer. 

My cell phone won’t turn on. Can you still recover the data?

We may be able to recover your data, either to a new phone or an external storage device. Visit us for a free diagnostic evaluation to find out whether your phone’s data is recoverable. 

I deleted data from my mobile phone. Can you recover it?

Recovering deleted mobile phone data is a difficult task. However, we will be happy to perform a free diagnostic evaluation to assess your situation. We advise that you turn your cell phone off as soon as possible after the deletion to ensure the best odds of recovery.

I have been told that my device is too old to work with. Can you restore the data on it?

We have the tools to work with many types of older devices. Come in for a free diagnostic evaluation to see whether we can recover data from your older device. We may also be able to upgrade your older device to leave it running better than ever.

Can you help me dispose of my old device?

Yes, we can securely delete the data from your old device and recycle it. For secure erasing, we use specialized equipment that wipes data in compliance with  U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines. You can be assured that no one will be able to access your data. 

Have any questions that aren’t answered above? Contact us and we will answer you as soon as we can.