Hard Drive and SSD Data Recovery

It is well known that hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) fail over time. They can also be damaged by heat, impact, electronic failure, power surges, or many other factors, making data not accessible.

Hard drive data and SSD data recovery requires exceptional skills, a lot of experience, and dedicated specialized equipment. The process starts with our comprehensive assessment, thorough diagnostic, and analysis, which we perform in our own data recovery lab. We will provide you with a cost estimate based on the results of this analysis.

If needed, we will then revive your hard drive or SSD by working on the hardware or firmware from within our clean workspace, where the presence of contaminants is minimized. This ensures that you suffer no further data loss.

Next, we will pre-configure your hard drive or SSD to minimize the risk to the hard drive during the recovery process. This can include mapping the hard drive’s heads, disabling potentially problematic firmware features, and adjusting or controlling the hard drive or SSD’s environment.

Most importantly, we will clone your data from your bad hard drive or SSD to one of our good hard drives. Then we will clone the clone. We use cutting-edge hard drive cloning hardware-software tools for this job.

We will then logically inspect the clone of your hard drive or SSD using our software data recovery tools, including the partition and file structure. If we determine there is partition corruption, our specialized data recovery software will allow us to recover as much of the data as possible.

Next, we will begin transferring the data to its new home: a hard drive or SSD that you can either purchase from us or bring in yourself. We will format your new hard drive or SSD in the same manner as your old one so that it works with your operating system.

Finally, we will back up the data again and scan it for viruses and malware, removing any we find along the way.

This process is more likely to succeed if you stop trying to access the hard drive or SSD as soon as you experience data loss.

We work with the following classes of hard drives:

We provide hard drive data recovery for the following hard drive types:

PATA              SATA             NAND             FLASH          SSD               HDD

PCIE               PCI                 eSATA             iSCIC            SCSI              SAS

mSata           M2 SATA        NVMe

Contact us with more information about your data recovery situation and we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and hard drive or SSD data recovery quote.