Desktop Computer Data Recovery

If you’ve suffered data loss caused by a damaged computer, defective hard drive, software corruption, accidental deletion, or other issue, our certified data recovery experts may be able to restore your files.

Once you find that you can no longer access the files on your desktop computer, or immediately after your computer suffers an accident (such as a spill or fire damage), power it off and bring it or ship it to us for a comprehensive assessment, diagnostic and evaluation. It’s important to power it off because continuing to use your computer in these situations can make the data loss worse, or make your data permanently unrecoverable. Do not take apart your computer unless you are familiar with the process; we can handle tasks like removing your hard drive for you.

Our highly trained data recovery experts have extensive experience working with Macs and PCs, including legacy devices. If you would like to transfer data from an old computer to a new one, we can help. Contact us with more information about your desktop computer data recovery case so we can provide you with a data recovery quote.