Flash Drive Data Recovery: Tears of Joy After Recovering Eight Years of Data

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One of our clients received a USB drive at a trade show eight years ago and had been using it to store all her personal documents ever since. In her words, “My life is on there.”

Suddenly, when she plugged the flash drive into her computer, the device started getting hot. A burning smell filled the air, and she could no longer access her files. Reconstructing what had been on her flash drive would have been nearly impossible, so she brought it to resquoo in hopes of recovering her data.

Since the controller chip was burnt out, we began by taking the USB drive’s NAND chip off. Unfortunately, the chip had defective memory cells. It took four days to read the data, but in the end, 98% of it was recoverable. Also, the NAND chip was scrambled with an XOR pattern that was specific to that defective controller chip. We unscrambled the data using state-of-the-art tools to gain access to the file system. Almost all of the client’s data was recovered, including the important files.

The client cried tears of joy when she verified the files that we returned to her.

Do you need flash drive data recovery services? Contact resquoo with as many details as you can provide about how your flash drive failed and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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