A Hopeless MacBook Data Recovery Case? Not at resquoo. We saved 100% of the Data!

By On 04/20/2018 In Blog, Data Recovery, Liquid Damage
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Another seemingly hopeless case recently came to us: a poor little rose gold 12” 2016 MacBook, in 20 pieces, with liquid damage. Its cables and connectors were ripped, and its port was broken. With no removable storage, there was no obvious way to save the data trapped inside. Worse yet, its owner had already sent it to a well-known data recovery company, and they had declared that none of the data was recoverable. After checking with us, the MacBook’s owner then sent it to our Peabody data recovery lab.

We had to be very creative, persistent, and patient, and think outside the box, to solve this case. Luckily for this client, we don’t give up easily. As Mac data recovery experts, we figured out how to modify and tap into the MacBook using a rat’s nest of wires that allowed us to recover 100% of the data.

If you need MacBook data recovery services, you’ll be glad to know that we’re certified members of the Apple Consultants Network and have many years of experience working with a wide range of Apple products. We also work with PCs.

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