Emergency Data Recovery from a Laptop: Working Late for a Very Special Cause

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A wedding cake, symbolizing the emergency data recovery we did to save our clients' wedding files

At 7:32 p.m. the other day, just after closing, we received a call from a panicked woman whose laptop had stopped working completely, trapping urgent project files inside.

“We can be at resquoo in 15 minutes,” she said. “Would you mind staying open and waiting for us?”

“We usually are here ‘till later anyway,” one of our engineers responded. “Not a problem. Come on in.”

It turned out that the clients were a bride and groom who were working on a wedding invitation list and other wedding preparations that needed to be taken care of ASAP.

We recovered the solid-state drive from the woman’s laptop and completed the service by the next day. Waiving the expedited charges for the happy couple was our wedding gift to them.

We wish the bride and groom the best on their special day.

Do you need emergency data recovery from a laptop or other device? We work with Apple Macs and Windows PCs and can expedite any project.

Contact us now with the details of your data loss and one of our engineers will respond as soon as possible.

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