27 year old Laptop Data Recovery – Blast from the Past

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A laptop from 1991 that needed data recovery

One day, James comes to resquoo with a laptop that his now 92-year-old mom purchased in 1991 (this is 27 years old).

Up to now, she uses it to write essays, short stories and other things on this laptop. They decided to change to a more modern computer and tried to get the data off this computer.

Unfortunately, the floppy drive (remember those?) is broken, ruling out this route. And the laptop has no USB ports (USB was invented years later) to plug in a flash drive or hard drive.

resquoo has data recovery equipment and the expertise to read this ancient CHS style Seagate 200MB hard drive. We extracted hundreds and hundreds of documents and converted them to a current Microsoft Word format so they can be opened and edited on a new computer. Fun stuff!

If you, or someone you know, needs data back from an old device, point them to resquoo and let us help. We work with Apple Macs and Windows PCs and everything digital.

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A laptop from 1991 that needed data recovery 27 year old Laptop running Windows 3.11 in need for data recovery

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