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– Joyce Satzerley

This is an amazing service and very considerate of customers, keeping me in the loop all of the time.  Thank you. Astrid MartinezAstrid Martinez has been writing professionally since 2011. She specializes in creating content for the web. Currently, she lives with her husband and a tiny calico cat.

– Thomas H Mitchell

I had a dual mirrored hard drive that was suppose to keep working even if one drive failed. Both drives failed simultaneously leaving me with over 90,000 images in limbo. The staff at resquoo take over and saved the day. I left with a much more secure backup system and all my images intact. They… Continue Reading →

– Ric Heerde

My IT guy told me my data couldn’t be recovered. Another consultant said the same. Bill at Family PC Outlet was kind enough to run a couple tests on my disk and said, “I can’t fix it, but these guys CAN.” So I hurried to resquoo on Easter Saturday. resquoo started working on it that… Continue Reading →

– Tara Dutton Faria

I was extremely pleased with my experience at resquoo. My daughter had many photos on her phone, and those are the items that I truly wanted restored for her. Resquoo provided wonderful customer service and completed the job both quickly and effectively, at a rate that was very reasonable! Astrid MartinezAstrid Martinez has been writing… Continue Reading →

– Alicia Blake

My main concern when switching from my Galaxy to an iPhone 5s was how to get my data back from my broken old phone and onto the new iPhone. After resquoo recovered the data from the broken Galaxy they transferred it to the new iPhone 5s and walked me through iCloud backup. If anyone out… Continue Reading →

– Scott Hambley

I highly recommend resquoo. They went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue all the data off my 90-year-old father’s vintage 1989 IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 when it failed after running continuously for 26 years. The hard drive completely failed and there was no backup for over 20 years of thousands of… Continue Reading →

– Catherine Kalogeros

 I was so pleased with resquoo and I definitely recommend them. My phone would not turn on, it may have suffered water damage as it turns out. They were able to retrieve all of my data, they worked diligently on it all afternoon. Thank you so much!!! Astrid MartinezAstrid Martinez has been writing professionally since… Continue Reading →

– Jarna Guilmette Saggese

 I highly recommend resquoo! From recovering data to installing a new hard drive to going the extra mile with superb customer service, resquoo is on the top of the list with computer knowledge and expertise. I seriously thought all the data on my hard drive was gone until I called resquoo … Not only did resquoo… Continue Reading →

– Nelson Kiggundu

They are the first people I’ll ever go to with hard drive issues. They are professional, polite, efficient and effective. Their customer service is top-notch. They gave me an update and even a follow-up call. I’m not even worried about my hard drive, because I know that resquoo will go over and beyond to recover… Continue Reading →

– Danielle Norris-Gardner

These people make magic happen. I showed up dreading how much it would cost to recover my data from a broken MacBook Pro that was too old for the Genius team at Apple to service. I came in wondering if I could even justify the expense, and I left in awe. They were super professional,… Continue Reading →

– Ayikudy Srikanth

I had a fairly complicated situation with my RAID array disks and would have lost all the data if not for resquoo. They were able to recover all of the data after two drives failed on a RAID 5 array. RAID recovery is slow and can take 10 days. During this entire period, I would… Continue Reading →