Reliable Data Recovery for Beverly, MA

For reliable data recovery in Beverly, MA, it’s time to think beyond your neighborhood computer repair store.

Your typical computer repair store may look neat and tidy, but doesn’t have a special data recovery lab where contaminants are minimized. Working in a very clean space is important because dust can harm the inside of devices. For example, even one speck of dust on the inside of a hard drive can lead to data loss. During typical operation, a hard drive’s read/write heads, which add data to and read data from the hard drive, hover three to six nanometers above the surface of the hard drive’s platters, which store the data. A dust particle has a diameter of about 30,000 nanometers. You can see how a dust particle getting stuck between one of the platters and the read/write heads can damage that platter, leading to further problems. resquoo has a clean lab where our engineers work on hard drives, ensuring the best odds for data recovery.

Your neighborhood computer repair shop also lacks the special data recovery software, tools, and equipment that we have. This equipment lets our engineers diagnose and communicate with your hard drive directly, allowing us to access data that wouldn’t be accessible by normal means. Without these resources, a computer repair shop may incorrectly determine your data isn’t recoverable when it actually would be with the right tools.

resquoo has been providing reliable data recovery for Beverly, MA clients since 2013.

Here is a list of devices our engineers have recently worked with, along with links to more information:

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