Recover Lost Data in Lynnfield, MA

Do you need to recover lost data? In Lynnfield, MA, your first stop may be the Apple Store at 1220 Market Street, at least if you own a Mac.

However, you may find that repair is not possible or economical. resquoo frequently works with devices that have been so heavily damaged by liquid, fire, or impact that repair is not an option. We also frequently work with devices that are too old for the Apple Store and many computer repair shops to work with.

Rather than repair your device, resquoo uses dedicated data recovery tools to recover the files from it.

Our engineers have successfully recovered QuickBooks, Outlook, Apple Mail, and music, video, and photo files, including Lightroom and iPhoto (Apple Photos Library) files. We work with all digital devices, including desktop computers, laptops, hard drives and SSDs, servers, mobile devices, and media devices.

What can you do to increase the odds that our engineers will be able to recover lost data from your device? Follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the device immediately.

Leaving your device on, or turning it on and off repeatedly, could make your data loss worse. For example, if the read/write heads on your hard drive have failed, continuing to access your hard drive could lead to them permanently engraving off your data.

  1. Write down what led up to the device failure and symptoms of the failure.

Did the device failure follow an accident or power surge? Write down the details of the incident so you can report them to us. Likewise, write down any error messages or noises, such as clicking sounds, that the device produced before you powered it off.

  1. Leave your device as it is and bring it to us.

Do not try to remove your computer’s hard drive unless you have experience doing so. Hard drives are very delicate. By taking out your hard drive, you risk damaging it, which could lead to further data loss. resquoo will gladly take your device as-is. Likewise, do not put your device in the freezer. This will not help the situation.

We have helped thousands of clients recover lost data in Lynnfield, MA and throughout the world. See our reviews on GoogleYelp, and the Apple Consultants Network.

Contact resquoo below with the details of your device failure and one of our engineers will send you a free data recovery quote.

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