Recover Data in North Andover, MA

Has your device suffered data loss and now you need a way to recover data? In North Andover, you’ll find computer repair shops, but to visit real data recovery experts, make the short drive to Peabody.

It may seem more convenient to visit your neighborhood repair shop, but they don’t have the state-of-the-art equipment, specialized tools, software, techniques, and experience to quickly, reliably, and affordably recover your data.

Specialized Tools

At resquoo, we have tools that allow us to do things like communicate with your hard drive directly, without having to go through your operating system (like Windows 10 or macOS). This allows our data recovery engineers to deal with drive errors on the same level that the drive manufacturer would. We also have laminar-flow “clean benches” that allow us to, if needed, open your device in an environment where dust and pollutants are eliminated. Since delicate computer components, such as hard drives, are highly susceptible to contaminants, providing a truly clean environment is a must—and this is something your neighborhood computer repair shop isn’t equipped to provide.


resquoo’s data recovery software can perform tasks like recover files after you’ve cleared them from your Recycle Bin or Trash or after your hard drive has been formatted. This is because when you delete a file or format your hard drive, your files aren’t really deleted. The ID tags that tell your computer where the files are located are deleted, and the space that the files take up is marked as available, but the data is still there. Accessing and restoring this data is just one feat our software can accomplish.


Apart from the latest data recovery techniques, our engineers are trained in decryption, disk imaging, email database conversion, QuickBooks recovery, data restoration, data migration, back-up integration, device tune-up, virus and malware removal, and secure data destruction techniques to ensure that we can handle a wide variety of situations our clients may encounter.


resquoo has been performing data recoveries since 2013. Our engineers have performed thousands of data recoveries on the following devices:

If you need to recover data in North Andover, MA, let resquoo come to your rescue.

Use the contact form on this page to give us the details of your data loss, such as what kind of incident led up to your device failure, and one of our engineers will respond as soon as possible.

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