Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive in Middleton, MA

If You Need to Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive in Middleton, MA, You’ve Come to the Right Place

Whether your hard drive failed due to a spill, drop, or fire, the best course of action is to shut your computer or external hard drive off as soon as possible and bring it to us as-is. Hard drives are very delicate, so unless you have experience removing a hard drive from a computer, just leave it in and bring the whole computer to resquoo. See more from our clients and their satisfactory recoveries on Facebook, Google & Yelp.

Liquid Damage

If you have suffered data loss after accidentally spilling a liquid on your computer or external hard drive, or after a flood, your first thought may be to try to dry your hard drive out yourself. Unfortunately, if you use a blow dryer or leave your hard drive out in the sun, the heat could make the data loss worse, or even damage your hard drive to the point where data recovery may no longer be possible. Another problem is that almost all water contains particles and minerals that will remain inside your hard drive if it dries out. This can make data recovery even more difficult than if your hard drive remained wet inside. If your computer or external hard drive has suffered liquid damage, just shut it off and bring the whole thing to resquoo as-is as soon as possible after the spill for the best odds of recovery.

Shock Damage

“Shock” refers to damage from a fall or drop, not electric shock. Dropping a conventional hard drive or a computer with one inside can cause damage to or misalignment of the platters, heads, or arm. (The platters are the parts of your hard drive where data is written, the heads are the parts that read data from and write data to your hard drive, and the arm is the part that moves the heads over the platters.) While this description may make repairing shock damage sound as simple as opening up your hard drive and swapping out parts, this is not a job for your neighborhood computer repair shop. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to accidentally break a part of a hard drive’s delicate machinery. Contaminants as small as a single particle of dust can easily get caught between one of the heads and one of the platters, causing permanent data loss. At resquoo, our engineers use cutting-edge hard drive repair tools and “clean benches” where the presence of contaminants is greatly reduced.

Fire Damage

While it’s obvious that a burned hard drive will be damaged, exposure to smoke can also lead to data loss. On a conventional hard drive, the hard drive heads, which read and write data to your hard drive, hover just a few nanometers away from the platters, which hold your hard drive’s data. A particle of smoke is large enough to get stuck between one of the heads and one of the platters, causing data loss. Even in cases where the hard drive is burned, however, the platters may be intact, meaning that the data is still there. If your hard drive has suffered fire damage, it’s important that you resist the temptation to open it up and clean off the soot and ash. Attempts to clean the hard drive without special tools and outside of an environment where contaminants are minimized could lead to further damage that worsens data loss or makes data completely unrecoverable. resquoo has the equipment and lab setting to handle hard drives that have suffered fire or smoke damage.

To Recover Data from a Damaged Hard Drive in Middleton, MA, Look No Further Than Peabody

resquoo’s data recovery lab is located at 255 Andover Street, Suite 102B in Peabody, MA 01960. In addition to working with desktop computer and laptop hard drives, our engineers also have experience recovering data from tablets, mobile phones, and portable media devices, such as external hard drives. If you’ve suffered data loss after hard drive damage, contact us with information about the incident and one of our engineers will respond with a free quote.

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