Phone and Tablet Data Recovery

You may upgrade your mobile phone or tablet when your old one breaks, behaves slowly, suffers liquid damage, or is just out of date. Even if your old device is in poor condition, we may be able to recover your contacts, photos, videos, notes, and other information. If your data is recoverable, we can restore it directly to your new device or provide the files for use with a computer.

Just a few examples of mobile phones that we service include:

  • Apple iPhones
  • Apple iPads

If your mobile phone or tablet has suffered an accident or stopped working, power it off as soon as possible. This increases the odds that your data will be recoverable. Once your device is powered off, bring it to us for a comprehensive assessment, including diagnostic and evaluation to find out whether your data can be recovered. Most mobile device recoveries can be performed within a couple of days.

Contact us with more information about your data loss, including what took place before your device stopped working, to receive a free quote tailored to your mobile phone or tablet data recovery case.