Economical Data Recovery for Gloucester, MA

resquoo Has Been Providing Economical Data Recovery for Gloucester, MA Clients Since 2013

Our professional data recovery lab is located in nearby Peabody, so you can enjoy the benefits of working with a local team. One benefit of working with a local team is that you won’t have to take your desktop computer or laptop apart to remove the hard drive so you can mail it to a data recovery company. Simply bring your device in as-is, even if it’s damaged or broken, and our engineers will take care of the rest. resquoo can also handle data recovery from tablets, cell phones, servers, solid state drives (SSDs), and portable media devices like external hard drives.

The Data Recovery Process

When you visit resquoo, we will begin by taking your device into our data recovery lab and providing you with a free diagnostic evaluation while you wait. Based on this evaluation, one of our engineers will explain the problem with your device and provide you with the most cost-effective plan for recovering your data.

Next, we will begin working on your hard drive or SSD’s hardware or firmware, pre-configuring it, and copying your data from your hard drive to our systems using advanced cloning hardware-software tools. When we are finished, one of of our engineers will copy the copy. After that, we will use our software to inspect the clone and continue recovering data. The next step is moving your data to a hard drive or flash drive that you either bring in yourself or buy from resquoo. Our engineers will format the device to work with the same operating system that you used before. Finally, we will back up your data one last time, scan it for malware and viruses, and remove any that we find.

Throughout this process, resquoo will keep you updated on the status of your recovery.

When it’s time for you to pick up your device, one of our engineers will show you how you can back up your data on your own to protect it moving forward.

If You Need Economical Data Recovery in Gloucester, MA, resquoo is Just a Short Drive Away at 255 Andover Street, Suite 102B, Peabody, MA 01960

We have received excellent reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and the Apple Consultants Network. Our data recovery process comes with a “no data, no fee” assurance: if our engineers don’t recover any data, you won’t pay a fee for the attempt. Please contact resquoo with the best explanation you can provide of how you lost your data and we will respond soon.


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