Computer Data Recovery in Andover, MA

If you’re searching for a company that can handle computer data recovery for Andover, MA clients, look no further than Peabody.

resquoo has recovered data from thousands of Laptops, Desktop computers, Hard drives, Solid-state drivesServers, Mobile devices, Media devices, and computers since 2013.

Desktop Computer Data Recovery

On a desktop computer, data is stored inside either a conventional hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD). A conventional hard drive provides warnings before it fails, such as slowness or issues when saving or accessing data. If you are having these kinds of problems, your data may still be recoverable. SSDs, while faster and less prone to damage from drops and falls than conventional hard drives, tend to fail without warning after a limited number of writes. However, data on SSDs is sometimes recoverable, too. If you don’t know what kind of hard drive your computer has, that is not a problem. Unless you have experience removing your hard drive, just bring your entire computer to resquoo and our engineers will take care of the rest for you.

Laptop Data Recovery

Like a desktop computer, a laptop can have a conventional hard drive or an SSD. The difference is that the drive is smaller. Again, you don’t have to remove your hard drive if you need data recovery services, as our engineers will take care of that for you.

Tablet Data Recovery

Tablet computers store data on a NAND chip, which works in a way similar to an SSD. A NAND chip can fail without warning once it reaches end of life. Tablets weren’t designed to be taken apart by consumers, so please bring resquoo your tablet as-is.

Data Recovery for Other Devices

In addition to having successfully handled computer data recovery for Andover, MA clients, we have also recovered data directly from hard drives, as well as from servers, mobile phones, and media devices.

resquoo Offers Computer Data Recovery for Andover, MA Clients from Our Lab in Nearby Peabody

We are located just a short drive away from Andover at 255 Andover Street, Suite 102B in Peabody, MA 01960. If you’ve lost data and you want it back ASAP, let resquoo come to your rescue. Use the contact form below to tell us the details of your data loss, such as what happened just before your data loss and any symptoms of data loss, such as error codes or unusual noises. We’ll respond with a free quote as soon as we can.

Or you can visit our location and we will perform a free device diagnosis, explain the problem with your device, and give you a quote based on your data recovery needs. Throughout the data recovery process, resquoo will provide you with status updates and when you pick up your recovered data, resquoo will walk you through the process of how you can back up your data next time.

You can see reviews that reflect our superior level of customer care as well: FacebookGoogleYelp, and the Apple Consultants Network.

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