Affordable Data Recovery for Salem, MA

If you think no one can provide affordable data recovery in Salem, MA, we have good news for you.

resquoo, located in nearby Peabody, can recover data at reasonable rates from laptops, desktops, servers, hard drives and SSDs, tablets and mobile phones, and media devices like USB flash drives. Our engineers have successfully recovered Apple Mail, Outlook, and QuickBooks files, along with video, photo, and music databases, like iPhoto and Lightroom files, from customers like you.

Even if your device has suffered liquid, fire, electrical, or impact damage, your data may still be recoverable. resquoo has the specialized tools and equipment to access data in ways that you as a user typically can’t. Our engineers also have the experience to try a variety of different strategies to recover your data. For a sample of data recovery strategies we have used, check out some of the case studies on our blog.

Unfortunately, if you try to recover data yourself, you are taking a risk. Continuing to try to access your device after you have suffered data loss can make the data loss worse or make your data entirely unrecoverable. Opening your hard drive in a normal environment full of contaminants can be especially disastrous. If you don’t have a backup, the safest course of action is to let resquoo handle the data recovery process. We can then teach you how to set up and remember to perform backups to protect yourself from future data loss. Our professional engineers will give you a free device diagnosis, explain the problem and give you a quote. resquoo will even provide you with updates as to the status of your device throughout the process.

resquoo provides affordable data recovery for Salem, MA residents from our nearby lab at 255 Andover Street, Suite 102B in Peabody, MA 01960.

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